About the site

I created this web site to share with the world some of the work I have done on various Factorio calculators, spreadsheets, and other creations.

This site does not contain any paid advertising nor does it knowingly track users. My goal is to have a simple site that loads quickly and is completely non-commercial.

You can view the entire site’s source code in the Calculatorio repository on GitHub.

About the game

Factorio is a sandbox or open world game. The “win” condition is to launch a rocket: the player starts crash-landed on an alien planet with very few resources. The player must build lots of infrastructure and research science to be able to reach that objective. However, there are many strategies to achieve that goal, and many players continue to play after winning in order to build megabases that stretch their computers to the limit.

About the author

I am a software engineer from the United States.