Assemblers required for a given science per minute

If your target is X science per minute, this will tell you how many assemblers you need for each science pack given particular bonuses for speed and productivity. Defaults assume speed 3 modules in eight beacons near each assembler, with four productivity 3 modules in assembler 3s.

Crafting speed and productivity come from the in-game UI.

Desired science per minute:
Crafting speed:
Assemblers, red science packs:
Assemblers, green science packs:
Assemblers, blue science packs:
Assemblers, military science packs:
Assemblers, production science packs:
Assemblers, high tech science packs:

Science lab consumption of science packs

Megabases are measured in how many science packs they both produce and consume per minute. It is important to balance production and consumption. Most infinite research tasks require a base of 60 seconds. However, some require less. Check the research UI in game. Lab speed and productivity are provided by the game’s UI when hovering over a science lab and includes lab speed upgrades.

Science lab speed (+X%):
Research base time:
Number of labs:
Science consumed per minute: